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Installation • Repair • Filtration • Maintenance • Cleaning • Site Work

Here at Water's Edge we have the experience and know how to complete all your outdoor living needs.  With the combined experience of more than 80 years you are "guaranteed the best!"



We will sit down with you and discuss your wants and needs.  We have the experience to help you come up with all kinds of ideas when it comes to your outdoor space.


When it comes time to turn your design into a reality, you can expect us to complete the job in a timely and professional manner!  By the time we are finished you will be sad to see us go.  Have you ever actually enjoyed the company of your contrator?


Now that your project is finished its time to think about maintenance.  We offer service contracts for maintance, where we will come back regularly to clean filters, fertilize plants, water test, and add neccessary product to ensure your pond is healthy and looking its best!


Someone else do the job? Not happy with it? Have you become unhappy with how everything looks?  We will come fix it up or fancy it up.  Over time things happen.  Weather, critters, children messing around...whatever the circumstances, we can handle it!


Your filtration is a very important part of your water feature.  Over filtration is a waste of money, but insufficient filtration will lead to alot issues.  We can help you find that perfect fit.  Due to numerous types of filtration, we will help guide you on which type and combination to use to keep your water looking perfect.


Does your pond look like pea soup?  Maybe it just got out of hand.  Our guys love a challenge.  We'll get that mess looking its best.